Trade/Consumer Goods

Besides the national markets trade is happening more and more between international partners. By our long lasting consulting practice in this field, the cultural and linguistic skills of our staff and our continuously updated knowledge of the diverse European and national legislation framework we guarantee individual, target-oriented and methodical solutions for our clients.

Case study 1:

One of the leading companies in the fashion business is owner of several brands. The enforcement of those trademarks’ rights and claims based on unfair competition law is prepared and conducted. Besides, the company is advised in the areas of data protection, unfair competition and trademark law extensively.

Case study 2:

Development of portfolio management standards for an international private equity fund with affiliates in various branches of business – ranging from shipbuilding to end-consumer electronics – and an annual turnover of the group of companies of approximately 1 billion Euros. By these standards the portfolios of protective rights of newly acceding affiliate companies can be structured, optimised and administered promptly and in a uniform way in the entire group.

Case study 3:

A leading organic cosmetics manufacturer wishes to license its protective rights and crucial know-how as well as to enforce its distribution and marketing positions. It also regularly faces issues of unfair competition and pharmaceutical regulations when it comes to the distribution of the pharmaceutical products. We accompany the client through all phases of the licensing and marketing process.

Case study 4:

An overseas licensed dealer has a contentious dispute with the German manufacturer. We intervene for a long lasting conflict resolution considering not only the economic and legal aspects but also the different cultural backgrounds of these business partners.