Scarcely any branch of industry can go without measurement technology, nowadays. Ranging from aeronautics to mining measuring instruments are indispensable to meet modern standards in every kind of industry. All the more a strategic and market-driven advice and approach is important when it comes to the prosecution and litigation of intellectual property rights as well as to competition.

Case study 1:

We represent one of the worldwide market leaders in the field of industrial temperature and pressure measuring. Patent and utility model applications are custom tailored along the strategic market plans and enforcement policies of the client in order to ensure that the protective rights, once filed and granted, will meet all requirements for an effective and efficient enforcement when it comes to a dispute. The enforcement approach includes a proper preservation of evidence, an escalation strategy ranging from a cease and desist letter to a court action for all kinds of infringement claims, ranging from the claim to cease and desist to information about the scope of the infringement, a recall from the distribution channels and destruction of infringing items to the collection of financial compensation for damages suffered. It includes enforcement strategies for successful court actions and the evaluation of a criminal action against individuals involved.

Case study 2:

Our client has a specific unregistered technical know-how in the field of certain medical measuring methods. Since no registered protective right will preserve this valuable asset of the client against unlawful utilization by others we set up a complex internal documentation and confidentiality concept as well as a standard of external non-disclosure and confidential license agreements for this client in order to make the know-how safely usable.