The business with tourism is still expanding. Not only in Germany but throughout Europe. This comes together with a demand for a broad variety of product components all from one source. We offer integral, flexible and integrable legal concepts for all participants on the market, the single entrepreneur as well as the major group including shipping companies, hotels and tour operators.

Case study 1:

An international hotel group has made its choice for a distinctive trademark and an attractive slogan. When the strategic decision for the expansion, enforcement and defence of the market position is found we advise them in finding a proper legal market entry strategy with the applicable trademark and unfair competition law in mind and support them with regard to the monitoring and enforcement of their rights deriving from their trademark or competitive position against competitors.

Case study 2:

A major travel service provider with a diversified number of products ranging from online booking gateways to the organisation of sea cruises and the operation of a hotel group wishes to unify the external appearance of the various product ranges. In order to make this possible, we establish operating and project companies, clear the trademark and unfair competition situation particularly regarding competitors on the market, protect newly developed trademarks, logos and designs and design uniform standards for distribution contracts.