The IT and telecommunications business and, thereby, its legal framework is still subject to impetuous changes. Also as a result of our experiences, our legal knowledge is constantly up to date, either when it comes to issues in connection with IT-outsourcing projects, the protection of industrial or intellectual property rights or the storage of personal data.

Case study 1:

A leading producer of specialised software intends to license its self-developed products. Not only patent aspects have to be considered but also the latest developments and requirements of data protection law when implementing the software. We handle the entire licensing process and elaborate client-oriented solutions for corporate and contractual issues within the framework of setting up an efficient distribution system.

Case study 2:

Counselling of a leading producer of mobile telephones and its subsidiaries in trademark matters with a strong focus on portfolio management considering the large number of trademarks. Our range of services includes not only comprehensive searches for prior rights, but also the filing of new trademarks and their integration into the existing trademark portfolio. We are also in charge of the defence of the portfolio up to the Federal Patent Court against offences of third parties.