Health Care

Our expert knowledge of pharmaceutical law and drug regulations and our profound know-how in the field of medical engineering are the basis for our advice to the health care industry. Particularly the comprehensive understanding of the legal possibilities and limitations of this sector of industry regularly inure to the benefit of our clients.

Case study 1:

A niche player in the field of ophthalmology acquires a part of the drug product sections of a worldwide active pharmaceutical company. We advise the client starting with the acquisition of the marketing authorisation of the pharmaceuticals, when it comes to the know-how transfer being crucial for the production and distribution and complete our services by the transfer of the associated trademarks to the client’s ownership.

Case study 2:

Development, filing and maintenance of the worldwide trademark and patent portfolio as well as of the protected designs and copyrights of a leading organic cosmetics manufacturer. In case of infringements we defend and enforce these rights worldwide and, where required, in close collaboration with designated specialists in the respective overseas markets.

Case study 3:

An innovate software enterprise has developed a highly complex software based method for the analysis of voice frequencies for the purpose of the early determination of physical or psychic stress characteristics. After a successful application on the market the enterprise with this main asset shall be sold. We conduct an extensive patent infringement search and evaluate the prospects of successfully obtaining a patent for the method. We develop a comprehensive secrecy concept regarding the copyrights and the know-how concerned. We preprocess all due diligence materials for the vendor, elaborate and optimise the relevant license agreements and develop the technology transfer elements of the transaction.