Construction business is an increasingly engineered sector of the economy. Participants on this market often prevail in their market position only and particularly based on their significant and innovative technical lead.

Case study 1:

A producer of protective coatings has developed several alternatives of a new coating composition. Before launching the product internationally the solution is to be filed as a patent application. Before doing so it is revealed that one of the alternatives dangerously lies within the protective scope of a granted foreign patent. We verify the vulnerability of the foreign patent and have it revoked on the basis of the verification results while advising the client on a proactive product adjustment in order to avoid a risk of infringement. Simultaneously, we occupy important fields within this product area for the client by its own patent application.

Case study 2:

A specialist in the field of in-construction cable and pipe routing receives a cease and desist letter regarding an alleged infringement of the German protective part of a European patent. Therein, he is requested to issue an undertaking to cease and desist within a deadline given and threatened by a court action to be filed. An urgent validity search reveals serious doubts concerning the novelty of the patent. Before the deadline for the issuance of the undertaking expires we file a nullity action against the patent. When the writ of the infringement action of the patentee is served we respond and request the suspension of the procedure until the nullity action is decided. At the same time we start negotiations with the patentee in order to bring the dispute to an economically reasonable, quick solution, if possible.